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DIY Crochet Bird: Party ideas for little girl’s birthday party & DIY craft projects

This DIY crochet bird is a perfect present for friends who attend your little girl’s birthday party.

Diana said her little daughter loves birds, so she decided to make crochet birds for her daughter’s guests. At the end of the party each little guest will take a bird home, but Diana realized that her daughter loves them so much, she has to make one more birdie for her daughter.

Items needed:
1. Worsted Weight Yarn: two colors (one for the beak and one for the actual bird)
2. Size G crochet hook
3. Solid black eyes - 6 mm (0.24 in)
4. Stuffing
5. Yarn needle
1. Do not join at the end of each round.
2. Use a stitch marker (I used yarn) to mark the beginning of each round.
mr - magic ring
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
st(s) - stitch(es)
rnd: round
yo: yarn over
sl st - slip stitch


leave a long tail (you'll make feathers later) and make a mr, ch 1

6 sc in the ring (pull yarn to close it)

rnd 1: 2 sc in each of the 6 sts you made (12)

rnd 2: 2 sc in every 2nd st (18)

rnd 3: 2 sc in every 3rd st (24)

rnd 4 - 6: sc around (24)

rnd 7: 2 sc in every 4th (30)

rnd 8: 2 sc in every 5th (36)

rnd 9: 2 sc in every 6th (42)

rnd 10 - 12: sc around (42)

rnd 13: decrease every 6th (36)

rnd 14: decrease every 5th (30)

rnd 15: decrease every 4th (24)

rnd 16: decrease every 3rd (18)

Put the eyes on 6 rows down from the mr. Leave 3 st between them.

rnd 17: decrease every 2nd (12) Stuff the bird.

rnd 18: sc around (12)

rnd 19: decrease each (6) Fasten off. Don't sew the bird yet.


You'll make the beak a row below the eyes in the 3 sts between them. I start by making an outline (a little triangle). After you make the outline, you can keep sewing until you fill in the beak.

usually sew right in the middle (from the bottom of beak until very top).

When you're done, pull yarn to the very bottom of bird (where you fasten off) and through that whole.

Make a nod, stuff the rest of the yarn in the bird, and sew the bird. 

Feathers on top of head:

You'll make the feathers from the long tail you left at the beginning. Insert hook anywhere you want on top of the head (I keep it close to where the tail starts), yo, pull and sl st. Now make a ch of 6 or 7 (this is the smaller feather). Insert hook in same st you started, yo, pull and sl st. Make a ch of 10 or 11 (bigger feather). Insert hook where you started, yo, pull and sl st. Fasten off. I make a little nod here and stuff the rest of the yarn in the bird.

You can make the feathers longer by making longer chains.

Image Source: Kristen Lisa Photography 

Nautical Baby Shower: Simple DIY baby shower ideas Part 2 | Construction Paper Sail Boats |

Do you remember the last week's boy baby shower theme tutorial about "Ahoy! It's a Boy Lifesaver"? Here is the rest of the DIY baby shower tutorial from Summer.

Items Needed:
Colored construction paper
Double sided sticky tape
Sticker dots

Step One:

Trace and cut out a circle from one of the construction papers. Then cut the circle in half, making two half circles. These will be the boats.


Step Two:

Cut a long strip about an inch wide of a different colored paper, then cut that in half. These will be the masts. Tape the masts to the half-circle boats.

Step Three:

Cut off a corner of a different colored paper. Tape that to the mast.


Step Four:

Embellish by adding sticker dots or multiple triangular sails. 

Image Source: Kristen Lisa Photography

Nautical Baby Shower: Simple DIY baby shower ideas Part 1 |Ahoy! It’s a Boy Lifesaver |

Boats. Flags. Fish. It’s a boy! If you are looking for boy baby shower theme ideas, nautical themed is a perfect DIY project for you.  

Summer is going to share with us a simple DIY “Ahoy, it’s a boy!” AKA “Diaper” lifesaver for her friend’s baby shower. This lifesaver can make any party more fun!

Items Needed:
Diapers (I used 42)
Sewing needle
Stapler, Super Glue, or Hot Glue Gun
Cardboard (2 boards)
Thin red yarn
Thick red ribbon
Decorative White Rope

Step One:

Roll up one diaper and tie it with the red yarn. Leave extra length on the knot (about 6 inches). Then roll up another diaper, and using the extra length from the previous knot, tie the two diapers together. Do this with all of the diapers. Place the groups of two diapers around in a circle, pretty side up, and keep adding groups until you reach your desired shape.


Step Two:

Slide one of the boards under your ring of diapers, and place the other board on top. Then flip the diapers so that the underside (less pretty side) is facing up.

Step Three:

Using the sewing needle and red yarn, weave in and out of the groups of two diapers, connecting them. This will make the diaper ring nice and snug.

Step Four:

Trace the diaper ring onto the cardboard and cut along the lines you made. This will be the backing to your life preserver.

Step Five:

Place the cardboard backing on top of your diaper ring. Sew the diaper ring onto the cardboard, making sure not to puncture the diapers.

Step Six:

Once the diaper ring is fastened to the cardboard backing, flip it over so that the pretty side is now facing up. Add the finishing touches by gluing on the ribbon and rope.

Image Source: Kristen Lisa Photography


DIY Easter Egg Crochet for Beginners: Easter Crafts & Easter Egg Ideas

Easter is one of the most colorful and fun holidays for children, so here’s the perfect DIY Easter project to go with it. You can make crochet Easter eggs with this easy, beginner crochet tutorial and give cute Easter gifts for your neighbors.

Diana is going to teach us how to make homemade Easter gifts, crochet Easter eggs. Diana said, “this is a very easy pattern, so even a beginner can make it.” Cute Easter eggs hold candy and bring an extra smile to your home and neighbors!

Crochet hook - size G 
Worsted weight yarn (two colors) I like to use Red Heart yarn because it's cheap.
SC - Single Crochet
SL ST - Slip Stitch

ST - Stitch
MR - Magic Ring

MR, make 8 SC in the ring (If you don’t know how to make MG, click
here) . Pull yarn to close the hole in the ring.
Round 1: 2 SC in each - 16 stitches
Round 2: SC around - 16 stitches
Round 3: 1 SC in first st, 2 SC in 2nd st (do 8 times) - 24 stitches
Rounds 4 - 6: SC around - 24 stitches

Round 7: 1 SC in next 2 stitches, 2 SC in 3rd st (Do 8 times) - 32 stitches
Rounds 8 -11: SC around (32 stitches). SL ST in next and fasten off. Weave in ends.

MR, make 8 SC in the ring. Pull yarn to close the hole in the ring.
Round 1: 2 SC in each - 16 stitches
Round 2: 1 SC in next 2 stitches, 2 SC in 3rd st (do 5 times), 1 SC in last st - 21 stitches
Round 3: SC around (21 stitches)
Round 4: 1 SC in next 3, 2 SC in 4th st (do 5 times), 1 SC in last st - 26 stitches
Round 5: 1 SC in next 3, 2 SC in 4th st (Do 6 times), 1 SC in last 2 stitches (32 stitches)
Rounds 6 - 10: SC around (32). SL ST in next st and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Turn it inside out. The yarn from the MR will go inside.

You can do it in two different ways:

Easter-colored egg: I simply SC around with my second color. Top and bottom is the same, except for the top part of the egg. When I got to the middle (16 stitches), I made a chain of 5 or 6 stitches (depends on the size of the button you'll be using). After I made the chain, I went to the next stitch of the round (*You make the chain when you get to the 16th ST and continue in the 17th to close the chain to make a buttonhole) and continued SC around until done. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Red egg: I watched this tutorial on YouTube for the crochet chain stitch embroidery. I used the tutorial on the last round of both parts of the egg. For the top part, when I got to the middle (16 stitches), I made a chain of 5-6, went to the next stitch, and continued with the embroidery.

Put the top and bottom eggs together: 

Sew the center of the back sides together (The sides where the yarn is fasten off). Weave in loose ends. Center a button on the front side of the egg. 

Image source: Kristen Lisa Photography