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Baby Room Ideas: Nature Theme

Are you expecting a baby?  Have you decorated a room for your little one yet?  Sometimes it can be a difficult task deciding on a theme and choosing various products, especially if you don't know if it's a boy or a girl.  Here are some simple baby room ideas around a nature theme.  These products will create a sweet nursery room for your new baby, boy or girl.  

3 Art Tile Set, Caterpillar to Butterfly

This caterpillar to butterfly tile set by Sprout is perfect for a baby's room.  The caterpillar maturing into a butterfly is symbolic of your little one growing up.  The simplistic design also adds a soft touch to the room but the splash of color still makes it fun.  Sprout offers various tile designs and colors to choose from as well as other wooden wall art sets to combine with, like this white one.   

3 Art Tile Set, Butterfly Flying

This is another way to use the wood wall art tiles by combining with one of our frame sets. These squares are a unique addition to the nursery wall.  You can mix it up and arrange the tiles however you would like on the wall.  This white set is also a great option if you are wanting neutral tones. 

Butterfly Sheer Curtains

Here are some butterfly curtains from Pottery Barn Kids.  The sheer white panel is adorned with appliqued butterflies and embroidered blooms.  These curtains complement the butterfly art tiles and are a nice addition to the nursery. They aren't too bold that they demand attention but they subtly add to the entire theme of the room. 

Children's Tree Hanger - Green

This tree hanger by Lime Tree Kids is another great option.  The simple design and bold green color complements the tiles and curtains and contributes to the nature inspired theme.  This unique tree hanger would be perfect for hanging clothes, baby bags, or any other accessories.   It's also only 120 cm tall so it's perfect for little kids to use as well. 

Lighting Universe | Sun Light Fixture

This last product is a sun light fixture from Lighting Universe. It is a fun addition that complements the other products and theme.  The light sits flush against the wall and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.  The sun adds a brighter feel to the room as you could imagine being outside under the sun.  

Image Credit: Sprout Caterpillar Butterfly Tiles, Sprout Butterfly Tiles, Pottery Barn Kids Curtains, Tree Clothes Hanger, Lighting Universe Sun Fixture

Kids' Room Ideas: City Theme

Do your kids love playing with cars or trains?  Or do they enjoy riding their bike or flying in airplanes?  Why not decorate your kids' rooms with things they love?  A simple city theme of planes, trains, and automobiles could be the perfect fit. Here are some products that pair nicely for a city themed kids room.  

DwellStudio Transportation Multi Full Duvet Set

This duvet set by DwellStudio is a great find.  Its colorful and incorporates various cars, bikes, trains, and planes.  Your child will have fun exploring the squares and picking out their favorite tile.  The geometric print adds a playful and trendy touch.

City Print Cardboard Cubby Bins (6 Pack)

These cardboard storage cubbies by Sprout stick to the city theme with designs of cars, bikes, and planes.  These boxes are part of a cubby shelf that match the tiled duvet cover and complete the look.  These cubbies are great for storing toys or books and are easy for kids to use.  

This race car seat by P'kolino is a comfy choice for young kids.  The seat is ideal for watching movies or reading books. It also has two side pockets to hold toys, books, or small race cars.  Kids will feel special with this small chair that is designed just for them.   

City Transportation Table

This car activity board by Anatex is fun for kids.  It has 12 wooden automobile figures that your child can slide around the city. Kids will be entertained for hours as they race the cars around the zig-zagged, challenging roads.  The natural wood table has a similar look to the Sprout cubby shelf, complementing each other.

Vitaminer Bil Car Rug

This car shaped rug from Ikea is the finishing touch to the room.  It reinforces the city theme and matches the other cars in the room.  The rug adds more color but still matches the other blues. It is also a soft addition to your kids' room if it has tile or wood flooring.   


Image Credit: DwellStudio duvet, Sprout cubby shelf, P'kolino car seat, Anatex car table, Ikea Car Rug

Raising Creative Kids Part 3: Environment

sunday morning

This is part three of the Sprout series on raising creative kids. In our first installment we talked about how it is important to give your children encouragement and in the second we talked about how you need to get out and help them experience things that will help them to expand their creativity. This week we are going to talk about another important part of your kids’ creative development, the things around them.


Creative people need creative spaces. Artists have studios. Writers have their desk in their office. These spaces are important because environment can have a huge impact on how creatively a person thinks. That is why big companies that value creativity, like Apple or Google, go out of their way to make their office environment a place where creative thinking can flourish. The have bright colors, bicycles, and entertainment areas all to keep their employees thinking of fresh ideas.

If you want your kids to grow up creative you need to do the same thing. Give them a creative space and then let them fill it with all of their wonderful ideas. Here are a few of the essential things that you need to make such a place for your children.


A creative space needs to be comfortable. It is hard to make new things if your mind is focused on how much your back hurts from the chair you are sitting in. Your children need furniture that fits them and won’t get in their way. You might think that the kitchen table is a suitable place for them to get out the crayons and scrawl outside the lines, but most of the time the chairs are too tall for them to climb into easily and even when they are sitting on the chairs they can’t reach the table properly. Sure you could fix it with a booster seat or a few pillows, but that is still less than ideal.

The better solution is to find them a table that fits their little bodies and minds perfectly. That is what all of Sprout’s modern kids’ furniture is built for. The table and chairs set is made just to their size. They can slide in and out comfortably without having to find you to help them up and down. Plus the furniture won’t get in their way. They won’t have to worry about climbing on to the table to get a marker that has rolled out of their reach.


Noise and distraction are the biggest enemies to creativity. Have you ever tried to have a phone conversation in a bus terminal or other crowded area? It is difficult to concentrate on the conversation and sometimes you find yourself having to repeat things or responding incorrectly not because you can’t hear, but because there is so much going on.

This is even truer for your children. They have not yet learned to focus their attention and ignore everything around them. This is another reason why the kitchen table makes a less ideal creative space. If mom is making dinner, dad is watching TV in the living room, and older brothers and sisters are running in and out it is impossible to focus enough to hold a creative thought. It is much better to have a space apart. Somewhere that is free from distraction where creative ideas won’t get derailed by some external influence.


A creative space must be filled with creative things. An artist’s studio is full of artwork. A novelist’s office is full of books. You need to fill your children’s creative space with creative things that they can draw inspiration from.

This is what we have in mind when creating all Sprout products. The storage bins are covered in images that will stimulate your kids’ minds. You can choose from a number of different options or you can take the blank bins and decorate them with your children. The wall art tiles are also made specifically to inspire creativity. Every piece of Sprout furniture is designed to fit seamlessly into your child’s creative space.

Creative Kids

Raising creative kids in our modern age can be tough. If you make sure to encourage them, let them experience things, and give them an environment where they can create you will be amazed at what they come up with.

Image credit: Flickr

Kids' Room Ideas: Bird Theme

Looking for some ideas to decorate your kids’ room? Birds are a fun choice and simple to decorate with.

Here are a few of my favorite bird themed products.  Add them together to transform a kid’s ordinary room into a modern outdoor habitat that they can play and sleep in.   

The blank walls can be filled with a bird or tree wall decal.  With various designs online, here is one from Etsy that is modern but not too grown-up for a child’s room.  Walldecals001 also offers many other tree choices if you don’t like this particular one.

Bird Wall Decal | Kids' Room Ideas

Another item to add to the room is one of Sprout's cubby bookcases.  They come in all different sizes, and the cubbies have various designed bins to choose from. One of the sets that Sprout offers is bird themed.  The birds will match the wall graphic and add to the overall theme. This cubby storage is simple and modern but also easy for kids to use.


This modern kids’ table and chair set by P’Kolino is another unique addition to the room.  The tree themed table and animal shaped chairs add a playful touch to the room. The wood design keeps it natural and also matches the Sprout cubby shelves.

Tree and Animal Table Set | Kids' Room Ideas

This kid’s seat rocker by bObles is neat.  The seat is in the shape of a cute bird that keeps the theme going and the simplistic design is refreshing.  Kids will enjoy rocking on the chair for hours, pretending they are soaring like a bird.  Bird Seat Rocker | Kids' Room Ideas

One last touch is this leaf canopy from Ikea.  It will complete the tree theme as it hangs over the child’s bed.  Kids will love this imaginative addition since they will feel like they are sleeping outside under the leaves of a tree.

Leaf Canopy | Kids' Room Ideas

 Image credit: Wall decal, Sprout cubby shelf, P'kolino table set, bObles seat rocker, Ikea leaf canopy

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