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Kids Storage Furniture | Kids Toy Storage

Kids Storage Furniture | Kids Toy Storage

I Have No Space

It’s true, kids are an inevitable storage crisis. With kids not only do you need a lot more furniture like a crib, kids table and chairs, changing table, kids’ dresser, high chair, and more. But you also have all the small things like a massive quantity of diapers, all the toys you got at the baby shower, kids clothes, books, craft supplies, etc.

Finding a place to put all of this stuff can be a strain. Especially because it keeps growing. Enthusiastic grandparents are always coming over with a new toy or an outfit that simply must be worn to the next family function. If you have more than one child then your storage problem is compounded.

The amount of stuff that you have is not the only issue. Kids have a way of monopolizing your time. Especially if they are able to crawl or walk. They constantly need to be fed, changed, and kept from breaking things or hurting themselves. Don’t get us wrong. Kids are an absolute joy to have. But they can also be stressful.

Solution: Sprout Kids Storage Furniture

Here at Sprout we want to minimize that stress by providing you with kids’ storage solutions. We want to make your life easier so you can spend more time playing with your kids rather than picking up after them.

The entire line of Sprout Kids Storage Furniture is designed to be as simple as possible. Each product features lightweight durable materials that are also eco-friendly. With our Tension-Lock technology you can put them up and take them down quickly and you don’t need any tools. Plus they are all made right here in America.

Cubby Storage

Our Cubby Storage is perfect for storing just about anything. Books slide right in to the cubby spaces. Craft supplies, and toys fit easily into the specially made Kids Storage Bins. With a wide variety of color options and bin designs you are sure to find something that works and looks great.

Kids Storage Organizer

The Six Drawer Kids Storage Organizer is another great way to keep things in order. Ideal for keeping markers, crayons, and art supplies or just about anything you can imagine.

Kids Toy Storage

While you can keep toys in any of our kids storage furniture, the Toy Boxes from Sprout are by far the best solution. Sturdy enough to double as a bench, our toy box also features two lids so you can use it for seating and storage at the same time.

Don’t let your storage situation get you down. Get some of our Sprout Kids Storage Furniture and get your life in order.

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