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Cube Shelves and Bookcases

Sprout Cube Shelves and Bookcases have so many possibilities!  We make them sleek and simple so you can make them your own.  Use one in your living room and personalize it with your books and art; use another in your child's bedroom and personalize it with their books, toys and clothes.  However you chose to use your cube shelving units, you'll be pleased with the story you tell on their shelves!  You'll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can assemble your cube shelving unit; it just takes 3 simple steps.  Step 1: Take the pieces out of the packaging.  Step 2: Connect the pieces.  Step 3: There is no "Step 3" except...Enjoy!  All Sprout cube organizers are eco-friendly and made in the USA.  Sprout cube shelves come in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes including white, black, and unfinished Baltic Birch.  Add our decorated storage bins to your cube shelves to add even more attractive and functional storage space.