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Modern Kids Furniture by Sprout

Mid-century modern kids furniture, our inspiration, is defined by its sleek and clean lines and design that can easily be incorporated with its surroundings. It is minimal in design and also multi-functional, meaning parts can be interchanged and the furniture can be assembled to fit your needs. The clean lines of our design allow our contemporary kids furniture to be easily integrated into any home, no matter what your style is. Our functional and easy to store kids furniture is perfect for the small spaces you share with your kids. The minimalism incorporated into our furniture adds a bold design element to any room without looking out of place or over powering. Our minimal and modern design creates a stylish piece of furniture you won’t mind leaving out while your friends are over.  

Mid-Century Modern/Minimalism

Our design aesthetic is defined by our clean yet exciting lines and minimalism. No part of our modern kids furniture is unnecessary or redundant. Our lines in the furniture reflect those used in mid-century furniture and fit the natural flow of the design. Our minimal design helps to keep our furniture bold without being overbearing, similar to the design of mid-century modern furniture.


Craftsman Era Design

In addition to our modern mid-century design we focus on an authentic craftsman era design. Our contemporary kids furniture fits together with natural joints, just like craftsman era furniture. Our furniture hides nothing, our joints are visible. You see how the product fits together and that it fits together well to create a sturdy and reliable product.



Our modern kids furniture is extremely functional and integrates perfectly not only into your home but into your lifestyle. Part of the inspiration for our kids furniture comes from Legos. They are fun, creative, and fit together almost like a puzzle—just like our modern kids furniture. The ease of assembly and dis-assembly for our furniture makes it easy to create more space when you need. If you move around a lot our furniture can always move with you.