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49 Cubby Storage

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  • Less Than 10 Min Assembly
  • Compatible with Sprout Storage Bins
  • Space Saving Disassembly for Storage
  • Tension Lock Tool-less Technology
  • Sturdy Construction with Stablizing Cords
  • Rounded Corners & Edges
  • Made in the USA
Customer Service for White 49 Cubby Large Bookcase
  • Includes: (1) Cubby Shelf, (1) Wall Anchoring Kit & (2) Tensioning Cords
  • Assembled Dimensions: 79.3" W x 79.3" H x 10.3" D
  • Opening size: 10.25" x 10.25"
  • Capacity: 300 lbs - 30 lbs max /cubby
  • Materials: Painted Baltic Birch
  • Assembly Instructions PDF

Not for outdoor use. Avoid prolonged contact with liquids. To clean: wipe with a damp cloth.

The biggest piece in our Cubby Storage line, the 49 Cubby Storage Shelf will cover most of your entire wall giving you the maximum amount of storage space in a modern, classy way. Use it with our decorative storage bins, and you can store just about anything! Even without the bins, books, electronics, stuffed animals, or clothes will fit easily. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates with just one child. Get our 49 Cubby Storage and you will be able to keep it all neat and organized.

Sprout tool-less technology also means that our 49 cubby storage is super simple to assemble. It snaps together in a flash. The joints are sturdy enough to hold a great deal of weight but they also come apart with only a little bit of effort. You can easily take it apart to move it to another room, across town, or across the country.

Why are the white and black shelving units different prices?

It comes to material prices. We try to give you the best price we can and the white shelving units cost us less so we charge you less. There is no quality difference.

Is it possible to wall mount the 45 cubby shelving unit?

It can be attached to the wall for stability but it is not designed to be hung off the wall like a picture :)

Do your bins hold up?

Some people have been concerned about this, but few have had any problems with them. Our boxes are made from 44 ECT cardboard, which is one of the thickest cardboards available. The lip is also reinforced with a steel ring. That said, they are just cardboard and are not made for little teethers.

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