Montessori Floor bed

Accessibility & freedom that grows with your child.

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From our Customers

Floor Bed $225.00

""We absolutely love this floor bed. ❤️ It gives my girl the independence she needs and I don’t have to worry about the safety. ""

- Lara


PB&Joy Table & Chair Set $140.00

"It is super adorable, super easy to put it together, and I felt like price was very nice too! I'm so thankful they made our day special. I highly recommend Sprout and specifically the table and chairs sets!"

- Randi

Mama to two sweet boys

Wovewood Basket $25.00

"They’re gorgeous; sleek but not boring in their sleekness. I like the natural materials and the stained colors, and that they don’t require tools for assembly."

- Melissa Esplin

Calligraphy Artist & Mother of 3

Weaning Table and Chair

Adjustable heights to meet your child's needs

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Montessori Infant Shelf

Beautiful & Accessible

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