Weaning Table and Chair

Adjustable heights to meet your child's needs

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Montessori Floor bed

Accessibility & freedom that grows with your child.

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Montessori Infant Shelf

Beautiful & Accessible

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From our Customers

PB&Joy Table & Chair Set $129.95

"It is super adorable, super easy to put it together, and I felt like price was very nice too! I'm so thankful they made our day special. I highly recommend Sprout and specifically the table and chairs sets!"

- Randi

Mama to two sweet boys

Wovewood Baskets

"They’re gorgeous; sleek but not boring in their sleekness. I like the natural materials and the stained colors, and that they don’t require tools for assembly."

- Melissa Esplin

Calligraphy Artist & Mother of 3

Sprout Table & Chair Set

"We got our table and chair set over a year ago, and we still use it every day! First thing in the morning, my daughter goes to the table to eat breakfast. It's stable on our wooden floor and wipes down easily"

- Sally Kim


Montessori Classroom Furniture

Durable Birch Furniture for the Prepared Environment

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