Escaping the Mommy Pressures: Just Be Yourself

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I don’t know very many people when asked who is your hero don’t immediately think of their mom. Life can sometimes be a rat race, especially with mom’s feeling like they have to outdo each other. My mom loves analogies and used this to describe how she handled the pressures of being a mom, “Smart drivers adjust their speed to accommodate adverse driving conditions. Wise mothers recognize that the well being of their child is more important than maintaining travel speeds of their former ‘fair-weather-conditions’.” She taught us to be ourselves, and hey the world seems to like me alright. Well I want you to get to meet my mom, and see how fun it is to be yourself.

Teresa and her famous butter-horn rolls.

Favorite Things:

Favorite Activities -

Cooking, Crafts, Pickleball, Walkie-Talkies, Family Activities, Picnic Barbeques, Playing Games

Favorite Food to make -

Breads, Cookies, Breakfasts, Anything that my kids love to eat
(which was pretty much everything except pickles and cheesecake)

Favorite Books -

All of Gerald Lund's books

Favorite Movies -

Hallmark, Fox News, Shark Tank
(Ha, so more or less, probably less, a movie. But in all honesty, she bought the same romantic movies week after week and fell asleep exhausted after the first 15 minutes. Wonder when she last sat through a whole movie)

Favorite Blogs -

I don't follow blogs

Where Is Home For you -

Past- Wyoming; Present- Utah; Future- Where my husband is
(Cheesy and Heartfelt, I love it!)

Guilty Pleasures -

Sugar and late night movies

Mother Teresa Time:

If you ever had the chance to talk to her, she would love to feed you and tell you the answers to all your life’s questions while you stuff your face on endless heavenly homemade scones. Of course you will never get to know someone truly till in person, but here are a few insights she had that seem to help us see it is ok to be ourselves no matter what life throws at us.

Her First Thoughts About Her First Baby -

He’s perfect. Simply a gift from Heaven, Miracle. And can’t forget … Yea it is over, I can't believe he is real even though I knew he was in there!
(Awwww, she does know how special I am, haha just kidding. I love her too!)

Any Worries of Being a New Parent -

How am I going to keep him away from all danger and disease.

Hardest Part About Being a Mom -

Watching your children suffer whether or not it is from their own doing.

Mom's that I try to emulate -

My mom, Laura Ditto, Cindy Watkins, Katrina Johanson

(Doesn’t help any of you I bet, but I admit these neighbors of ours were pretty awesome!)

Kid item I would not want not to go without -

TV and swimming pool
(Sure wish I knew that the TV belonged to us kids while I was growing up lol)

Ultimate Advice to New Moms:

Slow down and take time to be there!
Here’s what she told me she would want every new mom to know: The shepherds may have been viewed in their day as mothers are viewed today: underpaid because they were under-educated; undervalued because they were under-productive..... However, it was because they were not too busy pursuing the pathway of their own personal and worldly renowned careers that they were in the position to hear and see the angels and receive the visitation proclaiming the Birth of the Savior of this and all Worlds.

Smiles, hugs, kind words, and fun laughter is what makes being a mom worth it. Now I don’t know if it was fun laughter because of how ridiculous I was as a child, or if it was because I knew I was the coolest thing since s’mores whenever I played the dancepad. Whatever it was, in the end she was her awesome self, free from all the pressures of the world.

Let us know what you think as we continue to work on expanding our meet a mom blog series.

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