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When Karli dumps cheese on a plate for her sons’ snack time, they grab the cheese with their hands, shove the cheese in their mouths, and keep eating them until one piece of cheese is gone on a plate.

Whole-grain. Fruits and vegetables. Homemade smoothies. Parents are always trying to come up with healthy snacks and recipes for kids, especially eating healthy on a budget. Karli is going to introduce to us three affordable, healthy snacks for kids as well as the Woodbury’s healthy green smoothie recipe!


Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. “I love the already grated Mexican mix cheese at the store,” Karli said. “I buy the huge bags at Costco because I can use it for all kinds of meals, so it's great to have on hand for that reason. Plus, it's healthy and easy to dump on a tray or a plate for the kids when they need a snack or something to keep them busy if I'm busy.”

Frozen Peas

Vegetables can be a hard sell for kids, but only some are. “My kids love peas still frozen,” Karli said. “You don't even have to cook them. They're healthy (* Frozen is even healthier than fresh), and instead of feeling like you're too lazy to cook your kids lunch, you can feel good about yourself because you're expanding their palette by introducing them to new textures which helps them to be less picky.” Peas provide good nutrition–protein and variety of vitamins.

Boiled Carrots

Carrots are a magical vegetable. Many kids love the color and taste of them even if they don’t like other vegetables. Carrots provide great source of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A. No other vegetable will provide vitamin A like carrots do. “This one is a big hit because I let my toddler salt them himself,” Karli said. “I just stick them in a pyrex container with a lid on top. My lids have holes, but you can also just leave the lid askew and boil them for 3 minutes and 33 seconds."

Healthy Snack Recipe– Green Smoothies (Woodbury kids’ favorite recipe!)

Spinach ------------------- Handful

Frozen Kale -------------- Handful

Frozen Strawberries ---- Handful

Banana --------------------- One     

Plain Greek Yogurt ------- A dollop

Orange ---------------------- One cup

(*However much you need to make your smoothie smooth. You can also use milk or water, but I prefer orange juice)

Mix all of the ingredients together in a mixer. Blend them well. Serve them while it’s still cold. Karli said her kids LOVE green smoothies which are super healthy and they think it's a treat.

About Karli

She is from Nevada and likes reading, crafts, learning to sew, Netflix, being with friends. Her favorite food to make is dinner for her husband because it makes him so happy to come home to dinner already prepared. Her favorite books are “Harry Potter,” Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson” and “Olympians” series. Her favorite movies are “Pitch Perfect” and “Doctor Who.” Her favorite blogs are Young House Love, Bower Power, and I Heart Organizing. Her guilty pleasures are books by Meg Cabot and cheesecake. She said hardest part of being a mom is wanting a break and then feeling guilty when she actually takes a break.

Her ultimate advice for new moms: “It's not your fault. Babies are people and you can't control what other people do, so why would you be able to control your baby? Some babies are better sleepers or eaters by nature and don't compare your baby to other people's babies and then blame that on your parenting skills. Just enjoy your baby and do what you think is right because no matter what you do, someone thinks that is the only way to raise a baby, and someone else thinks that is the worst thing you could ever do, but you're the mom and you choose what's right for you and your baby.”

Image Source: Kristen Lisa Photography , Karli
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