Fun Indoor Activities for Kids: going to the library, music time, kitchen, best bubble bath | Shelly Messerly

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids: going to the library, music time, kitchen, best bubble bath | Shelly Messerly

The Apple iPad and TV can be convenient babysitters at times, but many mothers still find creative indoor activities for children to keep their children busy to get through the day. As a result, mothers and children maintain healthy relationships through educational materials and uplifting entertainment.

Shelly has a two-year-old girl who is full of fun and energy. Shelly said, “When it is cold or rainy outside, there is no choice but to be indoors!” Shelly shared four lists of fun indoor activities for toddlers.

1. Go to the library

My library has a great play area with a huge train set and plenty of books! We find one of the comfy couches and curl up there with a stack of new books. We can spend a good portion of the day at the library especially if I am prepared with enough snacks.

2. Music time

I love to play the piano, and my toddler loves to do whatever I'm doing. I pull her up beside me and we bang away on the keys and pretend we're making really great music. We sing nursery rhymes and have a great time.

3. Get busy in the kitchen

It is great when we can get busy in the kitchen, I slide a chair over to the counter and hand my little girl the longest wooden spoon I own. Then I let her help me scramble eggs over the stove (remember to NEVER leave your child's side if you're going to be by a hot pan!) Or we mix flour and sugar and chocolate chips into delicious cookie dough. I always let my toddler help me measure and pour and stir because I don't want her to get bored. She usually makes a gigantic mess but the cookies turn out delicious despite the flour that ends up all over my counters, so I've just learned to accept the fact that I'll have to do a little more clean-up! I like to work in the kitchen with my little girl in hopes that someday she will love cooking so much that she'll just take over for family dinners every night. A girl can dream!

4. Take a long bath

Not me, my child! We usually do bath time at night, but on 'indoor days' I fill the tub with soap and water, find every baby doll, ball, plastic figurine, and water-friendly toy I can find then I dump all of them with my little girl into the bubbly bath! I also grab a hand-held mirror and prop it up on the edge of the tub for her. She loves to make faces and sing into the mirror, and laughs and laughs when I use the shampoo to give her a silly hair-do. It's super fun for her, and I love to watch her giggle and play. I also usually get a chance to wipe down the sink and mirror, it's great!

About Shelly

Shelly lives in Springville, UT  and is the mother of one mostly perfect, occasionally terrible, two-year-old. She works very part-time as a Physician Assistant and her husband is in Law School. Life is busy! They love to read "Go Dog Go" on the bed as a family, ride their bikes in the summer, and teach their little girl about life's most important things like the color pink and Disney princesses. Shelly loves to play the piano, sew, do yoga and pilates, and read any good book you would recommend. Most of all though, she loves being a wife and mother. She is an average good living in a better than average life, and it is oh-so-good!

Image Source: Kristen Lisa Photography , Shelly

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