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Taking care of one baby may seem hard to manage, but when mothers have multiple children, they may have a harder time connecting with each child individually.

Trish has been raising three kids for the past six years. She is going to share three ways to connect with your kids when you feel like you have so much on your to-do list.


I am the mom of three wonderful, wild and precious little boys. My boys are always on the go, so sometimes I feel like I am not connecting with them like I want to be. I know that they know I love them, but I want them to feel and see that love. So here are some things I do when I'm feeling like we need to reconnect.

One-On-One Time

I try to schedule time to spend with each boy with a particular activity that boy would enjoy. Sometimes we go on a walk, go on a bike ride, play a game together, or we’ll go out on a dinner date. For my boys, the times when we connect the best are when we get out of the house. Boys are busy and seem to always be in motion. I've learned that if you want to connect with them, you need to be willing to run, be wild and silly, and be willing to get dirty with them.

Build Self-Esteem in Children

I want my boys to have positive self-images. So when I'm connecting with them, I try to make sure I am helping to build them up as well. For example, my son Dax is in kindergarten and is learning to read. He is a great reader, but sometimes he struggles with some words. I've noticed that he will get really down on himself when he messes up. This is my opportunity to step in and help restore that confidence he's starting to lose in himself. I want my boys to know they are smart and capable, so I try to be the best cheerleader I can for them.

Being Present

To really connect with my boys, being present is vital. I don't mean being present by being in the same room with them, but by being fully engaged with them. When I have days that I've felt we've spent more time apart then together, even though we all are in the same house, I have to look at what we were spending our time doing. Almost always we were on some electronic device. On those days when I feel disconnected with my boys, I will just turn everything off. It's a simple and easy thing to do that doesn't require any effort and has had a huge impact on our relationship. We spend our time together reading books, talking, and sometimes having an impromptu dance party where we can be silly and just laugh. What better way to reconnect than with laughter.

The main thing that I try to remember is that all my boys really want from me is my time. My day, just like every other mom, is filled with what seems like an endless to-do list. But what I try to remember is not what is most important but who is most important. When I give my boys that time they desire, we are able to connect in ways that strengthen everyone.

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Trisha is from Orem, Utah. She loves reading, being crafty, going on dates with her hubby, and traveling. Her favorite movies are The Notebook and Sixteen Candles. Her favorite books are Divergent series, Hunger Games, and the Wishes series. Her guilty pleasures are cherry Coke, Reese’s PB cups, and shopping :)

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