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Are you open for business?

Yes! Our workshop is open and we are still producing products with an understanding of our responsibility to operate safely. We do not have any storefront locations and all positions available to work from home are doing so. Common areas are being disinfected regularly, employees are instructed to remain at home for all illnesses, and we have both posted signs and discussed with all employees how we can prevent the spread of disease. 

As long as it’s responsible, we will remain open and building furniture. We have a strong commitment to helping families create spaces to build creativity, independence, confidence, and resilience. We also are dedicated to the health and safety of our employees and community. As long as we feel these values do not conflict, we will continue to produce and we will cease production when necessary. If that situation does arise, we will reach out to our supporters immediately!


Are your production times accurate?

Yes, our production times are currently 6-8 weeks. We’re not able to rush orders right now since we are still getting a lot of new customers, but we are doing the best we can and stand by our estimates.


Have shipping times been affected?


No, we have not had any issues with ship times. However, please ensure your address is up to date. And if you are ordering on behalf of a school please let us know if your school is open and can receive packages or we would be happy to ship your order to another location.

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