DIY Nativity Scene: Minimal Clear Creche

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When I was younger, my church and surrounding congregations held a Creche Festival. They opened invitations for everyone to bring a nativity scene. Some people brought purchased creches but many were hand made. I took this as an opportunity to experiment with new media and contributed several creches. This was a fun opportunity to make something, but also an opportunity to spend time building something with my family. My family still uses some of them to decorate at christmas time. In this post, I will share how you my method for a super cool minimal DIY nativity scene.

The Minimal Creche

At its most basic, a nativity only needs to include the Christ child. This creche has three simple figures, baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I will tell you the basic method that you can use to make these figures and any others that you decide to create.

Making your own DIY Nativity Scene


Tools and Supplies:


  • Acrylic (Plexiglass) sheet, 1/8” thick, 12” x 12” minimum Similar to this one on Amazon
  • Heat source such as a heat gun. You may be able to do it with an electric stove burner
  • Holding instruments such as pliers. If your pliers have teeth, you may want to tape the teeth with masking tape to prevent marring
  • Coping Saw similar to this one. Little teeth will help more
  • C-Clamp to hold the plexiglass when cutting
  • Pencil or colored Pencil
  • Sand Paper and a block


  1. Mark pattern onto the plexiglass with a pencil
  2. Clamp the plexiglass and cut out the pattern. Start with a rough outline, then move then clean up corners
  3. Sand edges. This may be done best by wrapping the sandpaper around a block of wood.
  4. Determine where you want the bends to be. Clamp one side to a table or other solid surface. Slowly heat this area. If you heat it too fast, it may bubble. Use the pliers to bend the plexiglass as it softens
  5. Make all the bends your need and you're done

There it is, a simple DIY nativity scene that will impress your friends and look great on your mantel. Enjoy!

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