The Next Step: DIY Storage Ideas

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Just survived another Christmas season! Life was good, and the house was rich with the smell of both the new spiced cranberry Scentsy candle and the fresh oven pancakes being taken out in the neighboring kitchen. My brief moment of peace was rudely interrupted when I realized that with lots of new memories came lots of new toys, new pajamas from Old Faithful (i.e. my awesome mom), and new everything else. Then came the inevitable dreaded question, “Where am I going to put all of this?”

Whether it be massive clutter, overcrowded closets, or perpetual state of losing everything important, everyone has had to deal with storage problems that sadly don’t fix themselves. If you haven’t experienced this, wow (seriously that’s all I have to say). For the rest of us HUMAN BEINGS, we have to deal with finding a miracle solution to store all of our stuff. This is why we (here at Sprout-Kids) are creating this blog series for DIY storage ideas, to help us all find answers and storage tips we all desperately need!

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts!

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