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By: Cody Kimball

When I was a newly-wed, I began to see just how ridiculously hard it can be (no matter how much you love each other) to bring two worlds into one! Till that point I was had the fool-proof perfect plan for finding any of my stuff. I simply put anything I might use during the week on top of my desk, anything I might need during the month under the hung-up clothes in my closet, and anything I might need some point during the year under my bed.

Everything worked great till I technically became the proud owner of 60 pairs of shoes and boots, more clothes than I owned in my life, and enough make-up to paint my self-portrait next to Mount Rushmore.

Obviously we had to do something. We tried parting with a bunch of things by donation; that lasted till she wanted to get rid of my high-basketball shoes. We tried buying more and more shelves, but in our tiny apartment and limited income, there wasn’t enough room (AND IT STILL LOOKED LIKE A BOMB WENT OFF!) But then after much confusion on my part, we found the solution.


Selective Compartmentalization

We realized we had to break this task into several smaller tasks. It was too much to tackle “organization” all in one day; however, finding a better home for her nail polish than a big tattered shoe box was totally reasonable. For our first Christmas together, I was such a thoughtful awesome husband! ☺ I bought her this nail polish organizing rack. For my birthday, she got me a tie rack (so much better than 3 Wal-Mart bags of ties taking up a lot of our small coat rack.

With each new hobby, or each new apartment upgrade, we found that we once again had more than what we planned for. The key three steps to compartmentalizing and organizing are:

1) Focus in on very specific items that can be grouped into one category

2) Don’t overgeneralize the items (e.g. sewing, clothes, etc.)

3) Take time looking around for organizers that take up the least amount of space

With these under your belt, you are ready to tackle the world. You will be amazed with how little space is needed to store a lot of those things you can’t bear to part with. Soon you will be a master organizer and will have a closet that looks like this below …. Or better!!!

Kids Storage Bins

Of course all storage and organizing efforts will one day face the make it or break it point, KIDS! Kids somehow manage to have more and more toys every time I try to clean up and put them away. I swear birthdays were once a year, but now they are somehow too cute to resist waiting the 300 more days till their next birthday to spoil. Fortunately, Sprout’s Modern Kid’s Furniture has the fun answer to our toy problem. With their easy to assemble shelves, and reconfigurable grid, kids can not only store their toys in compartmentalized bins, but play games with the bins. Imagine playing tic-tac-toe with the toy bins!

You will be amazed with how easy these are to set up, rearrange, take-down, and store. Sprout has several individualized and styled bins that can even create a city skyline. These bins become their own life-sized puzzle! Personally I like getting the boxes with a design printed already on one side, and then being able to use the other three to add personal decorations: a label on one side, kid’s first great works of art on another side, and some type of game on the third side. The possibilities are endless! ☺


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