Great Colors for Modern Design

Great Colors for Modern Design

One of the best things about our furniture is that we offer a variety of colors sure to fit the design of any room! We love to use bright, but strong colors. These are usually colors that kids love but also make our furniture a great statement piece for a room. Out furniture comes in the awesome colors of green, orange, pink, white, and slate. So no matter the color scheme of your room we have a color for you. Whether you want a bright pink or a more subdued!

Green Kid's Furniture

Table and Chairs Set- GreenTox Box- Green

Orange Kid's Furniture

Rocking Chair and Stool- OrangeSprout Orange Night Stand

Pink Kid's Furniture

Kids Shoe Rack- Pink Kid's Chair (2 pack)- Pink 

White Kid's Furniture

Kid's Play Kitchen- WhiteWhale Chair

Slate Grey Kid's Furniture

Grey Kids Furniture by Sprout
All of our products come in a variety of colors- if you like the whale chair, but you're little girl wants pink we have that! Like the table and chairs set but your kid's room is more neutral, check out slate or white. Our products are made for kids but are designed with style in mind as well.

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