The Beginning

The Beginning

Just a few weeks ago our modern children's furniture line happened to win a couple of awards!  Grow America Competition was held in Salt Lake City where dozens of finalists for Utah's start up and growing companies gathered to compete for prizes and honors.  Clark, the founder and creator and designer of all the playroom furniture, had a fun idea for the 3 minute presentations.  While explaining the advantages of minimalist furniture and his lean supply chain business model, he built the Toy Box and the Kids Rocker right in front of the judges!  Stages lights and cameras and a celebrity judge panel and then....  FIRST PLACE in our category and CROWD PLEASER!  Two awards winning all kinds of prizes!

Fueled by that kind of success Sprout is looking to add all sorts of new modern products.  Brimming with new found confidence we are excited to expand into Art and Decor with our Art Tiles and Picture Frames for the wall.  Just as eco-friendly and tool-less as all our furniture, these new items are made from the same recycled material.  More than just wall hangings though, we are exploring ways to make our modular furniture even more modular and customizable!  Hang them where you please!


We love to mix and match them which is all part of our modular furniture theme.  Hang them in as many ways as you can!

    Picture Frame                               Art Tile 

Here are some other examples!


As we explore and expand our product line, we are keeping true to our philosophy of play.think.grow.  We are creating a creative atmosphere for parents to allow their child's playroom to be modern, clean, and adaptable with our compact furniture and now with our Art Tiles and Picture Frames. 

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