Kids’ Room Ideas: Vinyl Wall Art

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Are you struggling to fill the empty space on the kids’ walls? Have you thought about decorating with vinyl wall decals?


Wall graphics are a fun way to add design to plain walls.  Children can personalize the art by having their name or favorite animal on the wall.  The graphics are versatile and can add to a theme of a room.  They are easy to apply and will last for years.  The art can also be changed as often as you like since the stickers will peel right off without ruining the paint.    


Wall art has many designs to choose from.  You can choose letter graphics to spell words or the child’s name.  Here is one of my favorite letter ideas.  The words add a playful touch and the grow chart is a fun idea.

 A child’s initials is another option that personalizes the room.  Another possibility is to have stickers of floral or animals.  Currently, trees are a popular choice among many kids’ rooms. This other room shows a great way to use trees.  I like the large tree graphics that cover the whole wall from top to bottom. The colors are subtle enough though that the decal isn't overbearing but adds a modern touch.

Easy Application

Graphics are easy to apply to walls.  You peel off the sticker pieces from their backing and place them on a clean, smooth surface.  It can be slightly tricky to get the decal flat so you can use a credit card to rub the design onto the wall.  Most decals are long lasting, sticking to the wall for years.

Change it Up

Tired of the design? Take it off. Decals peel off easily and won’t chip off the paint.  This allows you to change the design whenever you want or even reposition the art. You can adjust the art as your child grows up.  

Where to Buy

Wall art is sold many places.  Some retail stores carry the decals; however, we have found that the selection is limited.  Many online sites offer a better assortment of designs.  A few sites to consider are,,, and  The last one has decals that are PVC-free and eco-friendly.


Photo Credit: Project Nursery

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