Oops, my kids drew on the table! An Easy-to-Clean Kids Table

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How many times have your kids accidentally drawn on your furniture?  Was it completely ruined after?  Sometimes kids can't help drawing outside of the lines.  Kids are creative and need furniture that can handle some marker or crayon.  We wanted to know what would happen to our modern kids table in this situation.  Would it be easy to clean off marker or would things stain?  So we grabbed some kids art supplies and put our table to the test.

Easy-to-Clean Kids Table | Sprout 


We began with one of our clean white kids table.  We scribbled on our various art products and let them sit for 24 hours.  We tested a marker, crayon, colored pencil, paint, dry erase marker, and sharpie.  The following day we began to clean off the products using water, 409 all-purpose cleaner, and rubbing alcohol. 


Some of the products were easier than others to clean but in the end each product came off.  One of the easiest products to clean was the marker.  The marker was interesting because the ink never fully dried on the surface.  Even after 24 hours, the ink just smudged under our fingers.  This made it very easy to clean as all we needed was some water to wipe it away.  The other products, crayon, colored pencil, paint, and dry erase, came off without any trouble.  After applying some 409, they all cleaned off within minutes. The most difficult product to remove was the sharpie.  We didn't expect it to come off at all, considering it's a permanent maker.  But with some rubbing alcohol and forceful scrubbing, most of the ink came off, leaving only a light mark behind.  Here's a before and after picture of the different products:  

Easy-to-Clean Surface, Marker-Free Modern Kids Table Before & After

As you can see, our kids table is made with a great kid-friendly surface.  All of our furniture is made with this easy-to-clean melamine surface.  Melamine is a paper based product infused with resin that is fused to the core under heat and pressure.  This material has provided an easy-to-clean kids table that is durable at the same time. With our kids furniture, you won’t have to worry about your kids getting marker or crayons on the table or doing art projects because any of these art supply products will wipe off with some cleaner.  So stop stressing and let your kids have some creative fun!

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  • Melanie that is a great thought. We will have to try it.

    Rob Skidmore on
  • Did you try using a Magic Eraser on it? I bet it would clean it up even easier than the 409!

    Melanie on

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