Boys Room Ideas: 5 Things to Remember

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1. What are his hobbies?

The trick is discovering hobbies that are easy and fun to decorate a room around. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you try to figure out how to decorate. Does he like sports? Which sports does he like specifically? What are his favorite sports teams? Does he like camping and the outdoors? Does he like the ocean or sailing? Does he like fishing or ocean marine wildlife? Does he like airplanes and helicopters? Does he like cars, motorcycles or trucks? Does he like music? What types of music does he like? Does he like animals? What animals are his favorites? Does he like the military; e.g., army, navy, marines? Does he like outer space, spaceships, or any sci-fi type stuff?

2. What are his favorite colors?

After determining which hobby or hobbies to focus on next it is best to consider what his favorite colors are.

What color shade or pattern will you use?

Choosing what shade, pattern or style can be hard.  How you go about choosing this depends on what your primary focus. I will give you four criteria to consider as you make your decision

How neutral is the color?

You might not want to pick a strong color that may not be his favorite color anymore after a few months. If the color is a lighter shade or a shade of white it can go with almost any room design as your young man grows up and his tastes change.

Stripes say “I am a boy”.

Perhaps because as boys grow into men, they wear striped suits, shirts, and ties, stripes have taken on a masculine image. Whether or not that is true a room with stripes on the walls, bed, or pillows will help maintain masculinity.




How big is the room?

This may seem like an odd question to ask when considering what shade or pattern to use to color the room. However, there are some great techniques that can be used to make a room look bigger; i.e., painting  the lower walls on all sides. 

3. Is there adequate storage?

The last thing you want as a parent is a room that is constantly cluttered with toys, books, clothes, games, food, and heaven knows what else might be found on the floor of boys’ bedrooms. 

It is crucial that when creating, updating, or changing his room that he be involved in this process. Help him to pick a method of organizing that he likes. Most likely this will end up being some kind of cubby system with the colors or designs that he likes. Consider labeling with him what goes inside each cubby, or what goes on each shelf. Some sort of labeling will allow him to be more committed to the daily clean-up process. You are also enabling babysitters to have the kids to bed and the kids rooms cleaned when you get home.


4. How can you allow for flexibility as his interests change?

Remodeling an entire room can be a difficult and expensive process. However there are a few things you should consider to avoid drastic remodeling every few months.

As discussed previously, a more neutral room color is one thing to consider. If the walls are more neutral you can change the colors of other smaller, more inexpensive things as time goes on.

Consider changing the pillow cases, sheets, or comforter to alter the color, or theme of the room.

Consider changing the design or color of the cubby boxes.

Dangling inexpensive airplane models, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, animals, stars, or planets, are easy things to switch out as his preferences change.

5. Tight on space? Or sharing a room?

Consider pushing beds against walls to create more space in the middle for activities, toys, games, wrestling matches, etc.

Consider beds that are elevated to allow for storage under the bed. Even if the bed is not elevated, under-the-bed storage is always a good idea.



Make sure to consult with your youngster first, make sure you’re prepare for changes in his preference, and be aware of opportunities to stay organized and save space. Most of the time girls get the spotlight when it comes designing rooms. Who is to say you cannot have just as much fun, if not more,  designing your young man’s room? You will see there are so many different options for boys rooms. My biggest recommendation is to have fun consulting with your young man to design a room that he will love, and will be able to keep clean!


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