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There comes a time when everyone feels helpless and lost. For me, that came when I realized I was going to be a new parent. Without making any conscience effort to change who I was I now became the very kind of guy I made fun of as a clueless outsider. I now felt over protective, I was already stressing myself out (and anyone unfortunate enough to be around me) about all the things I would do to have to make my child’s life perfect. At times I felt like I would make or break my son’s life if I chose to name him something girly like Grayson, or something awesome like LeBron.

It became very clear to me that above all else I wanted to make sure my kids are safe. I put on my super hero suit and vowed that I would protect my child from all the villains like Dr. Sharp Korner, and The Choke HaZERD.

Once I was realistic, I found that being a parent won’t be as scary and dangerous as I had concocted it out to be in my head. There are very simple things like making sure the furniture is secured and sturdy, and not leaving out anything that could be sharp or dangerous. There are some things that are clearly not made for kids, but at the same time there are companies that specifically cater their products towards young kids: Kid Friendly Toys, Modern Kids Furniture, and Gerber Baby Food, and Little Tykes.

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Stressing was so overrated. The most comforting thing I’ve heard is your kid has no one else to compare parenting to, you are a hero in their eyes. Simply be responsible and avoid obvious dangerous situations and being a parent will be the best experience of your life!


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