Best Montessori Floor Bed Mattresses

Best Montessori Floor Bed Mattresses

Best Montessori Floor Bed Mattresses

Home is the best space for children to begin developing an understanding of themselves and the floor bed can help turn your child’s bedroom into a learning environment! Sleep is such an important part of a child’s life. Here at Sprout, we want children to develop the skills for a healthy relationship with sleep. The Montessori Floor Bed helps foster independence and confidence in children as you allow them to learn boundaries! For the ease of parent and child, the Sprout Montessori Floor Bed can be flipped to grow with your child, making it a long-lasting part of their formative years.

If you’re looking for the best floor bed mattress, below you will find our floor bed mattress recommendations. In order to allow a child greater independence to use the floor bed without assistance, we suggest a mattress thickness of 4-8 inches. We encourage this because a thinner mattress allows the child greater independence to get in and out of the Floor Bed without assistance. If you’d prefer a thicker mattress, perhaps consider your child’s height and if they’ll be able to utilize the bed on their own.



Most Recommended by Customers

These mattresses have been shared with us the most! They fit well into our Montessori Floor Bed AND are comfortable!

5 Little Monkeys

Waterproof cover, allergy proof, 8” thickness (can be found at Costco)

@mintsnips said “Five little monkeys is the most comfortable mattress ever! Fits in our sprout toddler bed perfectly. Over a year in and we love it!”

    Purple Children’s Mattress

    Made from hypoallergenic materials that are CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD certified. Has a Machine washable cover

    @claireturner206 said “Kids @purplemattress💜💜💜 our 14 month old loved it immediately. 7” off the ground”

    Nest BKB (Big Kid Bed)

    BKB Lifetime warranty mattress made specifically for kids.

    @loveofknowledge17 said “We use a Nest bedding twin BKB mattress with our Sprout floor bed. It’s 7” and comfortable enough for me to lay with as needed.”


    Available in store or online

    @lareinalab said “We love the MEISTERVIK mattress from Ikea! It's really comfy, I fall asleep there all the time lol Works great with their mattress topper too!”


    5.5-inch thickness and dual layer removable cover.


    Low Cost

    Here at Sprout, we think that Montessori should be accessible to everyone! Here are some mattresses that were recommended within a lower price range. 

    Milliard Crib Mattress

    Flippable for baby or toddler Firm side for newborns and infants, softer side with memory foam for toddlers

    Juniper Kids’ Mattress

    Purchased from Costco. Medium-firm Feel 6-inch Height, Made With Certipur-us Foams Free Of Flame Retardants, Heavy Metals, Formaldehyde, and Phthalates

    Nod by Tuft and Needle

    Purchase on Amazon. 

    @natycanaveral said “Nod by Tuft & Needle, full, 8”. I bought this mattress because it is free of harmful chemicals: It has a Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certification. Is made in the US, good quality without breaking the bank!”

    Linenspa 6-inch Innerspring Mattress Firm

    @emerlee85 said “Linenspa!!!! Really affordable and such great quality! We got my daughter a floor bed for her third birthday!!! She has slept like a champ ever since!”

      Dream On Me

      Orthopedic Firm Foam


      For those of you who want organic mattresses, these were recommended from our customers!



        Luxury mattress. Made in a GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory, 20 year warranty, 6 inch mattress with memory foam.

        Sleep On Latex Mattress

        Made of Organic Latex Foam, Organic Cotton and Organic New Zealand Wool. Has many health/ safety certifications and a 10 year warranty


        Made with organic cotton, wool, and latex and 100% certified organic. Made with zero glues or adhesives.

        • Twin $899 10" thick-This mattress is thicker than we recommend and sits above the frame.

        @lilamontessori said “Of all 3 reputable organic mattresses we purchased for the kids, to my surprise, Happsy is the most comfortable mattress. It fits our floor bed fantastically.”

        My Green Mattress

        GOTS and GOLS certified materials.

        • Twin $699 9.5" thick-This mattress is thicker than we recommend and sits above the frame.
        • Crib $259 6" thick

        Brentwood Home

        1” of memory foam and 5” of supportive base. Medium-firm. Praising reviews of use by young toddlers, and specific customers have used it for a floor bed.

        Other Recommendations From Customers

        Avocado Mattress

        Many customers have used it. Organic.

        • Crib $279 6" thick
        • Twin $999 11" thick -This mattress is thicker than we recommend and sits above the frame
        • Full $1299 11" thick -This mattress is thicker than we recommend and sits above the frame


        Foam mattress. 10 year warranty

        • Twin $395 10" thick-This mattress is thicker than we recommend and sits above the frame

        Home of Wool

        Fully customizable mattress

        @soillovessunshine said “We love our Home of Wool @homeofwool floor mattress! Wool is the perfect material for such kind of bed - keeps you warm (but not hot) on the floor in any season! And it's so comfy! 😍”

        Savvy Rest

        Luxury Mattress with latex. GOTS certified.

        Nook Pebble

        GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

        Obasan Organic

        Made with quality organic materials

        @montessori.inspired.mama said “We bought an @obasansleep mattress for our toddler and baby floor beds (also for our own bed) we chose this because it is an organic mattress free of any bad stuff”


        Slightly thicker than we recommend

        While a mattress between 4-8 inches thick might be ideal for your learning child, for reference, a thicker mattress will look more like this in your Sprout Floor Bed frame:



        (pictured with the Avocado mattress) @whole.child.home

        If you haven’t gotten a floor bed yet, get yours here! To read more about the benefits of a floor bed, check out this blog post with a foreword from @montessoriinreallife!
        If you’re looking to make the transition to a floor bed, we have a blog with some tips and tricks from Sprout customers for making the switch more seamless here!

        How has switching to a Floor Bed changed your child? Comment below!


        • This post is so helpful! Thank you. Please consider creating another post of recommendations for mattress covers and fitted sheets that are ideal for a 6-8" mattress. There’s so much emphasis on “deep pockets” now, I can’t easily find appropriate bedding for these low profile mattresses, and I’d love to know what other parents are using. Thanks!

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        • Thank you for this, so informative and helpful as we move from a crib mattress simply on the floor to a “big girl” bed!

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        • Home is the best school for children. children need proper sleep for good health and development. When sleeping on a floor bed, children learn that they have complete freedom to move around. This motivates kids to investigate their surroundings and builds independence.

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        • Thank u for this beautiful information.

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