Holiday Season Update: Available Products & Holiday Gift Affirmation Cards

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To nurture a child is to give a gift. To witness a child thrive is to receive a gift.

This year has been unpredictable! Many saw drastic changes to plans, both short and long term. Many have had to limit their time with family and friends--we have too! Others had to say goodbye to loved ones unexpectedly. Undoubtedly, there are also wonderful memories for everyone over the last few months that will be treasured.

This time is traditionally set apart for gratitude and charity, and that’s something that shouldn’t be different this year. At Sprout, we are grateful for the support you give us, even with delays and long lead times. You’re keeping us employed and fed! 

Black Friday is different this year.

This year we won’t be having a holiday sale. More than ever we’re focused on keeping our commitments and delivering a quality product and experience, which deserves more of our attention than a day or two of increased revenue. We’ve struggled with the unexpected challenges this year has brought, and increasing sales with a typical holiday discount wouldn’t make sense for our small business.

Back in 2017 we decided we wouldn’t follow the traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday schedule because of the stress it put on our employees--especially those that have concerns with mental health. This is still important to us, especially considering the individual challenges our employees are facing during this pandemic! Since then we continue to encourage a different kind of holiday season! We’re looking to provide 

  • Thoughtful, meaningful, quality gifts
  • A conscientious, intentional, gimmick-free shopping experience
  • Proactive and lower stress approach to the holidays
  • Spending your holidays to strengthen relationships with loved ones

Most Products and Holiday Gift Affirmation Cards Available!

Sprout’s most popular products are now available. If you’ve been waiting for things to settle down, they have! Some products are available for Christmas delivery (though there’s always uncertainty during a pandemic), but we know that we won’t be able to get everyone their items by the holiday. For those who order over the next few weeks, we have added the option to send a card in advance that shows the recipient of your gift the product you ordered for their child. For those who want it, it will be free of charge! After placing your order, just fill out this form.

Currently Expected to arrive by December 24th (while allocations last)

Sous-Chef Toddler Tower

Montessori Floor Bed

Alba Montessori Wardrobe

Climbing Triangle

Infant Shelf

Lead times will change as products are sold, so check the product page for the most up-to-date information.

Now Available but Not Expected to arrive by December 24th
(Get a Free Holiday Gift Affirmation Card)


Adjustable Montessori Weaning Chair & Table Set

Weaning Chair

Wooden Kids Table & Chairs

Wooden Kids Table and Stools

Shoe Bench

Chowki Floor Table

Six Cube Shelf

Eight Cube Shelf

Sixteen Cube Shelf

Wovewood Collection

Thanks again for your support!


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