The Hiking Line: One Simple (Probably) Free Tip to Make Hiking with Kids Easier

The Hiking Line: One Simple (Probably) Free Tip to Make Hiking with Kids Easier

The Hiking Line: One Simple (Probably) Free Tip to Make Hiking with Kids Easier

The Hiking Line: Making Hiking Easier for Families

Hiking With Kids Ought to be Easier

Children are a lot of work so its not unsurprising that many parents feel like they can't do the things they used to do. For those who are more outdoorsy, it's easy to see how children can complicate it. Even just a simple hike requires much more prep time, let alone kayaking, a camping trip, or heaven forbid backpacking!

Getting out in the wild with your kids can be stressful. You want them out and about, but they need to be close and safe. Do you walk ahead of them and constantly turn around, hold their hand the whole time, or walk behind and let them choose the pace? Just like little ones, with us it takes baby steps to get to where we want to go. Your next step is the hiking line!

The Hiking Line

Hows does the Hiking Line Help My Child?

The hiking line barely counts as DIY. All you need to do is get a length of cord! If you're outdoorsy, you've probably already got a great one. You tie one end to your bag, and your kid holds the other end, probably tied in a loop. Preferences naturally differ, but usually around 6 ft. works well.  Play around with lengths in the backyard so you know what works for you and your little one! Here’s some of the ways your hiking line can make the difference. It will:

  • Enable your child to take an active role in their own safety
  • Motivate your child to keep a reasonable pace
  • Grant you both a method of wordless communication when it comes to fatigue and other concerns
  • Allow your child a safe amount of freedom
  • Give a persistent physical reminder of your child’s distance
  • Free both of you to focus more on the environment
  • Support your child emotionally without having to deter efficient walking by holding hands (also sweaty hands!)
  • Completely stops you from suddenly turning around and not seeing your child anywhere!

This is one of those things that as you use it you’ll find even more benefits to using it. Let us know if you find more!


  • this is such a simple idea, but seems really great! we do cub scouting & i lead a den of 6 year-olds. i will share this with my families! thank you!

    laura on

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