Easy Assembly- Sprout Furniture

Sprout furniture is designed specifically to be easy to assemble.  Assembly of our furniture is completely tool-less, so there is no need to worry about losing screws or having the right tools. This makes it easier for little hands to help put their furniture together. Because our products use a tool-less technology there are fewer steps in putting them together, and most can be put together in 4 steps which generally only takes 5 minutes.

Sprout products are also made to be easy to disassemble. Have you ever tried to take apart furniture you had to screw together? Well if you haven’t, don’t start now! Furniture that isn’t meant to come apart is perfect for when you’re using it, but if you need to move or clear some space then you are out of luck. Our design allows easy disassembly which means they can be put away at the end of the night and cleared out of the way for impromptu dance recitals, wrestling competitions, or indoor camping excursions. You don’t have to replace items when you move, and you don't have to deal with furniture being in the way if you need more space.