Easy Storage- Sprout Furniture

One thing about kid’s furniture is that you can’t use it forever. Eventually your child won’t be able to use all the cute stuff you bought them. But what if you’re between kids? Your eight year old no longer needs miniature furniture but you’ve got a newborn who will need the furniture pretty soon. Or what if you move? Have you ever tried to take apart furniture you had to screw together? Well if you haven’t don’t start now. That furniture isn’t meant to come apart which is perfect for when you’re using it, but if you need to move or clear some space then you’re out of luck. With most furniture you’d probably have to give the old stuff away and then buy new stuff for your next kid. With Sprout furniture our easy to assemble and disassemble furniture allows you to easily take apart our products at any time. All of our products store flat and take up less than two inches of space when stacked. If you need to make room or move just take the furniture apart and store it until you need it again. With Sprout furniture you’ll never have to sell your kid’s furniture because you don’t have room in your moving van. The compact storage and easy movability makes it so you can take this furniture pretty much wherever you want.