Eco Friendly Kids Furniture

One of Sprout’s main goals is to maintain eco-friendly practices in every step of production. We take our impact on the environment very seriously and work to use smart design to provide eco friendly kids furniture with minimal negative impact.


First we select materials that are sustainably sourced from the Northwestern region of the United States. Our pre-consumer engineered woods are primarily harvested from the forests of Oregon and Washington, both of productive forest lands to prevent over forestation. The Northwest is a pioneer in developing sustainable forestry practices dating back to the early 20th century. We adhere to the strict laws that protect the harvesting and reforestation of federal, state, and private lands. These laws require that harvested lands are replanted and cared for after wood material is harvested. This ensures that forests remain strong and healthy for future generations.


 Most of our products are made from engineered wood products made from pre-consumer recycled materials. Our eco friendly kids furniture is made out of the sawdust and fall off from logs being cut into usable lumber which was previous considered unusable. Not only does our wood material we use create strong and sturdy materials for our products but it is also eco friendly. Sprout kids furniture is held to the standards set by the California Air Resources Board (or CARB) compliant materials to ensure the safety of our products. (Click here to learn more about CARB) Our storage bins and packaging are made from up to 30% post=consumer recycled material, which is a mix of recycled material that offers optimum strength material. Our innovative packaging is designed to use packaging materials only where needed to decrease waste. Also, almost all of our packaging is recyclable. Our Cardboard bins can also be recycled when they are no longer being used.


Sprout eco friendly kids furniture is designed to use resources as efficiently as possible. Early in the design process we consider yield and manufacturing waste. We design our products to minimize scrap and waste. Because poorly designed products create more waste by needing to be replaced more often we consider quality and life length in our design. Sprout eco friendly products are designed for easy assembly and disassembly. Our portability means you don’t need to buy a new kids furniture every time you move. Sprout product parts are interchangeable and replaceable so if you have a damaged part, there is no need to replace the entire unit, send us a request! Our products were also designed with e-commerce in mind. Our products ship as compactly as possible, reducing the energy and resources expended on transporting the product. Not only is this more eco-friendly but it also makes the cost lower for our customers.