Give Growth

to nurture a child is to give a gift,
to witness a child thrive is to receive a gift

Here at Sprout, we believe that the ultimate gifts we can give our children come through the way we nurture them. Through careful consideration of capabilities, interests, and growth opportunities, we offer our children chances to wonder, to be amazed, to contemplate, and to learn. By giving them the tools they need, we help instigate their growth, and give them the gifts of independence, confidence, and creativity. We hold it as the highest honor to watch our children grow and become competent. And in a way, by giving them their freedom, we in turn can receive a great gift of our own - that of being able to witness the miracle of a growing child.

This holiday season, we at Sprout are continuing our fifth year of holding an early holiday sale, instead of engaging in the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We began this tradition after noticing that flash sales, limited quantities, and competitive buying negatively affected the mental health and wellness of both our customers and our craftsmen. Instead of contributing to the mass stress, purchase pressure, and potential buyer’s remorse that sale events can trigger, we hold our sale at the beginning of November. This gives our customers the gift of time - to contemplate their purchases without unnecessary pressure, to buy their gifts early, and to spend the rest of their holidays making memories. It’s our hope to assist in making your holiday gift giving experiences positive. If you feel that something from Sprout is the right gift for you, we’re happy to play a small part in your holidays.

The Sprout Holiday Sale starts November 1, 2021 and runs through midnight on November 30th, 2021. The discount code GiveGrowth will give you 10% off of the items in our Holiday Collections.

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Our Craftsmen

In past years we have seen that Black Friday sales put a huge demand on our craftsmen, which puts immense strain on them so close to the holidays. A high amount of orders in a small amount of time so close to the holidays really puts the pressure on our production line to get items to you in time. We truly value our employees collectively and individually, so we decided to put their mental health first. An early sale gives us time to get to your order AND allows our craftsmen to spend more time with their own families during this time of togetherness. Join us in prioritizing what this time of year is all about, time with loved ones!