Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit Alternative

Upset the Ikea Expedit shelving unit is discontinued? Turn that frown upside down! The Sprout cube shelving is the best Expedit shelving unit alternative because it is just as functional and comes in many more sizes and styles than Expedit did. The unique design of Sprout cube shelves makes them sturdy and easy to assemble. Get more storage for the same space! With slightly smaller cubes (10"x10"), the sprout cube shelves give you more compartments for the same space, compared to Expedit. Also, Sprout decorated storage bins that fit perfectly into Sprout shelving cubes, are a great way to customize your shelves. Use Sprout bins to store books, toys, video games, LEGOs and anything else that needs a home. You'll see that we have the best Expedit shelving unit alternatives. Try one today!