Kid Friendly Furniture

Our furniture is designed with your child’s active and play centered lifestyle in mind. We understand kid’s desire to bounce from one activity to another within minutes which is why our furniture can be easily taken apart and stored and then easily put back together. You can go from drawing masterpieces for the fridge to running around the room in dress up clothes in minutes. Sprout furniture is also extremely cleanable. Kids don’t always stay within the lines, nor do they always stay within the page, but no matter what writing instrument they got their hands on it will come off our furniture with a little cleaning solution. With an easily cleanable surface children can even use the colored surface to draw on, creating their own design on the furniture that can be erased at any time.

Sprout furniture is designed with the idea that little kids can help with the process of putting the furniture together. The pieces of our furniture fit together similar to puzzle pieces or building blocks and are suitable for little hands with the supervision of an adult. Spending time with your kids putting this together will make great memories. This furniture is meant to be interacted with and what better way to interact with it than to be a part of the creating and building process. 

Our furniture also is made with rounded edges ensuring the safety of your kids by getting rid of sharp edges. No need to worry about scraps or cuts from our furniture. Our furniture also locks together making it extremely sturdy. When put together properly all and of the joints of the furniture are in their place the tension of each piece together creates a nearly unbreakable piece of furniture.