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The concept for Little Reminders was inspired by a passage from Simone Davies' "The Montessori Toddler" where she interprets the "negative" things children do and the principles behind their actions. For example, a child being stubborn is actually just expressing a sense of order, or what seems to an adult like pointless repetition is actually that child perfecting a skill, etc.

Sprout Founder, Clark, commented, "My children are amazing, and I love them.   I am in awe of them; how quickly they learn, how purely they love, and how completely they forgive. But being a parent is still challenging, and in the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to remember the things I already know. I want to interact with them in a healthier way. All I need is a reminder."

Our hope is that Littler Reminders can alleviate conflict, increase patience in parents, open the door conversations with those around us, and nudge us to appreciate the wonder of childhood.
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