Alba Montessori Children's Wardrobe


Grant your child independence and confidence with the Alba Montessori Wardrobe! With adjustable shelves, an adjustable dowel, and even multiple side peg options, it's easy to customize the piece to your child's size and needs. If you purchase our Finished with Legs option, you can even change the overall height as your little one grows. It's the perfect child's wardrobe!

See the Alba Collection for accessory products like drawers, Wovewood trays, our shoe bench and the Stubby Stool! Our Wovewood Divided Trays are made to fit in the adjustable shelves, and the Medium Wovewood Basket fits perfectly below on the hanging side.

Comes with adjustable shelves, an adjustable dowel, and multiple options for your peg placement so your child can have the wardrobe that makes sense for them. 4 Shaker pegs included.

Unfinished wardrobes will have no coat applied, meaning you can feel the wood texture and paint or stain if desired. Finished wardrobes have a clear non-VOC 100% solids UV cured finish, and is smooth to the touch.

38.75" H x 30" W x 11.5" D.

The leg version is 40.5" tall, 36.75" tall with legs unattached.

The wide version is 47" wide.

Finished Birch - Has a clear UV cured finish applied to the surface, smooth to the touch.
Raw Birch - No finish applied, can feel the grain of the wood.
***All wardrobe variants go through the same production process.



A Value Grade Version of the Alba Montessori Children's Wardrobe may be available at a lower price.

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