All Montessori Furniture

Modern wooden furniture designed with Montessorian principles
for the prepared environment.

"We can only say that we have made a contribution to the cause of goodness by removing obstacles." -Dr. Maria Montessori

We hope to remove obstacles for you in accessing beautiful, innovative, functional, natural furniture. 

Our High Quality Montessori Furniture is:

  • Made from 100% Baltic Birch Plywood or Solid Wood.
  • Constructed with our Sturdy Artisan Joinery and Patented Easy Tool-less Assembly.
  • Made in the USA at our Provo, Utah workshop.
  • Convenient for you to plan. Ask about our miniature planning kit for big projects.
  • Backed by our 5 Year Warranty.

Our in-house design team is here to help you achieve a cohesive, calming aesthetic for the classroom by augmenting our Standard Line with matching Custom Montessori Furniture. Get furniture that meets your unique environmental and functional needs.

Need to place a bulk order? Tell us about your project on our bulk orders page.

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