Modern Wood 25 Cubby Bookcase
Modern Wood 25 Cubby Bookcase
Modern Wood 25 Cubby Bookcase
Modern Wood 25 Cubby Bookcase
Modern Wood 25 Cubby Bookcase
Modern Wood 25 Cubby Bookcase
Modern Wood 25 Cubby Bookcase

Modern Wood 25 Cubby Bookcase



Product Features

  • Less Than 10 Min Assembly
  • Compatible with Sprout Storage Bins
  • Space Saving Disassembly for Storage
  • Tension Lock Tool-less Technology
  • Sturdy Construction with Stabilizing Cords
  • Rounded Corners & Edges
  • Baltic Birch Plywood - unfinished or finished
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  • Includes: (1) Mid Century Bookcase, (1) Wall Anchoring Kit & (2) Tensioning Cords
  • Assembled Dimensions: 58.3" W x 58.3" H x 9.6" D
  • Opening size: 10.25" x 10.25" x 9.6" Deep
  • Capacity: 300 lbs - 30 lbs max /cubby
  • Materials: 5-Ply Baltic Birch Plywood - raw or finished
  • Assembly Instructions PDF

Not for outdoor use. Avoid prolonged contact with liquids. To clean wipe with a damp cloth. Bins sold separately.

Here’s a great storage idea! We've expanded our family of shelving units to include fun new Baltic Birch versions of our phenomenal cube bookcases. Minimalistic, yet sleek and trendy, these Mid Century Bookcases and compatible designer storage boxes are great in the living room or adult bedroom. They utilize space in small homes and apartments, and solve all your organizational dilemmas. Also use our large cubby storage units in the kids’ room, playroom, or nursery for all your kids furniture needs. Don’t forget that our decorative cardboard storage bins work perfectly with all cubby shelves, and provide tons of space for the necessities that come with having a family.

Tired of having complicated assembly processes, losing tools and screws, and getting frustrated? Sprout tension lock tool-less furniture assembly takes all that headache away. The construction of our Mid Century Bookcase is completely tool-less, and takes less than 10 minutes! The joints are sturdy and strong, and you can disassemble this wood cubby bookcase quickly, and collapse it to make it super easy to transport. Moving furniture was never easier!

Ps, all our furniture is made in the USA, eco-friendly, and all around awesome.

What is Baltic Birch?

Baltic birch is a very high-quality plywood has more layers than typical plywood making it much stronger. It is patched where there were knots. Our baltic birch is the one material not sourced from inside the USA: we get most of it from the Baltic Region of Europe.

What's the difference between Raw and Finished Baltic Birch?

The Raw Baltic Birch is unfinished - it's a pure wood surface.  The Finished Baltic Birch has a transparent, low-friction surfacing which gives it slightly more of a glossy, butterscotch color.  The main advantage to the Finished Baltic Birch is that it is easier to clean.   

Can I paint my purchased Raw Baltic Birch?

Yes, but there are a couple things to consider. First, it is not recommended to paint the inside of the joint slots - it will make it more difficult to assemble. Second, some paint will rub off as you assemble it. If you want to paint it, you may consider waiting until after it’s assembled.

Assembly Video

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