Wovewood Modern Baskets

beautiful + functional storage for your home

Launching soon on Kickstarter!   When Kickstarter goes live, our first backers will get access to Early-bird specials! 

Wovewood is a new way to furnish your home with beautiful + functional storage.

How does it work?

Wovewood is a basket made from 100% 5-ply baltic birch plywood, "woven" together with our innovative patent-pending joint system

This joint uses the natural properties of baltic birch to create a joint that can be assembled with your bare hands, and is remarkably sturdy once assembled. 
Designed to carry up to 60 lbs, they are available in a variety of colors.  A no-VOC finish highlights the natural wood-grain of the birch - no two baskets are exactly alike.  
Our baskets are made in the USA, and are shipped to you flat - saving you money.  In addition, these baskets can be easily disassembled for washing or storage.

What sizes are available?


How are they better?

How can I use it?

How much will they cost?

Overall, pricing will be competitive with traditional baskets sold online.  The first availability for Wovewood baskets will be on Kickstarter, going live soon!  They will be sold in a variety of sets, with the Early-bird specials offering the best prices.  


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