26H x 30W Birch Montessori Shelf

26H x 30W Birch Montessori Shelf

Natural Wood Montessori Material Storage for Toddlers and Older


The Birch Montessori Bookshelf is fully finished and assembles with no tools or hardware. 

The shelves are constructed from 18mm Baltic Birch, and the sides are constructed from 15mm Baltic Birch.

The Montessori Method encourages accessibility and freedom for children. These shelves are beautifully designed to invite children to choose among the toys you present for their learning and play.

The open design and appropriate height allows children to easily take things from shelves and replace them when they are done. Infants can use the shelf as a support to pull themselves to a standing position and guide them while walking and access appropriate toys within their reach.

This Birch Montessori Shelf is made from sturdy, durable, safe materials so it’s made to last. This allows you to continue using it in your home after your child outgrows it, or give it new life in someone else’s home.

Assembly videos: Full Back, No Back

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