Space Saving Kid's Furniture


At Sprout we understand that having kids requires extra storage, especially if you’re living in tight quarters. We have designed many products to fit those storage needs, from toy boxes, to cubby units, to shoe racks. We have a place for every shirt, shoe, Lego, and crayon you could ever find. Our storage units come in various sizes, perfect for any home or apartment.

We also make awesome bins to fit in our various cubby units. If you have a child who loves animals, cars, or is inspired by architecture we have bins for that. If you have a child that loves to create their own designs we also have blank bins ready to be turned into a piece of art. Our bins provide a place for everything and create a fun way to store things that will make cleaning up way more enjoyable.

Most of our products can also be disassembled and stored with ease. Our products can be taken apart in minutes and stored behind a couch, under a bed, or even up against the wall if you only need it out of your way for a minute. When you’re sharing a small space with a child having furniture that you can put away easily is perfect for when your child needs to let the wiggles out or for when you’re having a few friends over. When you need the extra space just simply disassemble and store it and it’s just as simple to take it back out and put it together again.