Why we aren't doing Black Friday

This is Dionne ...
And this is what she helped us realize about Black Friday.

At Sprout, Dionne is one of our best employees. When you call with a question or place an order, she makes sure you are taken care of. But, it’s not always easy for her.

Dionne deals with chronic anxiety and depression. One day, as the holidays drew nearer, she quietly approached me and asked if she could work a little slower. She was dealing with a panic attack. Dionne helped me to realize that Black Friday, while great for sales, places an incredible strain on our employees – the people behind the scenes.

We believe that Black Friday is backwards. Black Friday encourages individuals to make snap decisions, to buy products they may not actually need, just to avoid missing out on a sale. At Sprout, we think holiday gift giving should focus on the family member or friend you’re buying for, not the awesome deal you can snag on a random present. The holidays are meant to bring families and friends together, not to shoot sales through the roof.  

This year, we invite you to be intentional about your gift giving. Give of yourself by spending time to find meaningful gifts. You may choose a simple heartfelt letter, or a ticket to visit. If you feel that something from Sprout is the right gift for you, we’re happy to be a small part of your holiday. But, we want you to have plenty to time to decide, which is why you won’t find Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals at Sprout.

Instead, we have selected a few of our most popular items for a holiday sale that lasts the entire month. Use the coupon code “HiDionne” at checkout to get 15% off our everyday prices for selected items through December 1st.  

This gives you the time you need to decide what you really want, and people like Dionne the time they need to get everything right, so we can all enjoy a holiday season focused on the things that matter most.

We hope you have a very happy holiday!

~Clark, Founder


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