American Makers

When you choose Sprout Furniture, you choose American-made. All dreaming, developing and manufacturing for Sprout is done right here, between the majestic, snow-capped peaks of Utah.

Being 100% American made has given us the freedom to focus on creating better products for you and your kids. Keeping every aspect of our business in America  speeds up the innovative process of experimenting, failing, succeeding and starting all over again. It allows us to focus on what’s most important: creating fun, safe and innovative furniture for you and your children.

At a time when many companies move production overseas to cut costs, we often get questions, not about if we’ll follow suit, but when. We have believed from the beginning that by being personally involved and owning the whole process, we could design products at a friendly price point that customers would love. We knew when we made this decision that it would be difficult to manufacture here, but we were not willing to sacrifice the ability to innovate.  It is hard, it is challenging, but with your support we are proving that this all-American workshop can succeed right here at home.

We love this country and the ideals it stands for; we are proud to be American Makers.


* All of our wood products are sourced primarily from the lushly forested Pacific Northwest, with the exception of our raw Baltic birch, which comes from the Baltic Region of Europe.