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We believe the surroundings of our home influence the way we think and feel.

Just like a home filled with natural light makes us happier and more energized, beautiful home organization creates a space where we feel motivated and enlightened.

Part of this organization includes surrounding ourselves with things that not only make us feel calm and happy, but also inspire us to pursue and accomplish our goals.

Lucky for us, if we're feeling happy in our home, the natural effect is that our kids will too.

Home is the place where kids discover their imagination. Here they learn the endless possibilities of what their hands and minds can make. Whether drawing  with crayons, reading a board book, drumming on pots and pans or building a block house, the spark of innovation begins at home base.

At Sprout furniture, we want to help make home all it can be. That's why we create pieces that fit with your design tastes, and at the same time provide a space where kids can learn and grow. Every decision we make with the design, materials, textures and colors of our furniture depends on whether it will encourage inspiration and possibility.

Our purpose is to accomplish the goal of a happy home -- both for you and your family.