Budding Inventors Challenge: Rube Goldberg Inspired Machine Competition

Sprout's Budding Inventors Challenge Entry Guidelines: 

  1. Task: Water a seed/plant
  2. Step Count: 3-20 steps
  3. Team Requirements: Children aged 8-13 in your family or quarantined group. One parent as an optional group member.
  4. Submission Requirements: Create and film a run of your Rube Goldberg inspired machine in one continuous video (no editing). Be sure to introduce us to the people in your team. Make sure we can see all the steps of your chain reaction machine. Also, list the steps in your YouTube video description for clarity.

Younger kids 4-7 can make a marble run in the "Speedy Sprouts" category! The submission guidelines are the same as above, just without a step requirement.

*Be sure to list your school in the video description so that they can earn $5 in Sprout credit for every video submitted.

  1. Where to submit: Upload your video to YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo (make sure it is public) and fill out this form
  2. Deadline: We will be accepting submissions from May 13th through May 27th, 2020.
  3. Prizes: Three winners will receive a cash prize of $500! Other winners will receive a prize from one of the following companies that we are collaborating with: Girls Can! CrateLittle PassportsGalileoGreen Kids Crafts, and Bitsbox
  4. Want more info about Rube Goldberg Inspired Machines? Click here for more information on our blog.
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