Kids Table and 2 Stool Set Instructions

Step by Step Instructions


My table top is really loose.  How can I make it stay on tighter?

It's important to ensure that your table top is fully on.  You can check if your table top is fully on by looking at the four tabs which connect the legs to the top.  With the table upside-down, look at the tabs.  

Push til flush

Are the areas directly next to the tab flush with the bottom of the table?  If they aren't, then the table top isn't completely together.  

Once you think the table top is fully on, turn the table right-side up, and pick up the table by the table top.  If the table top is fully on, the legs will not fall off unless you shake the table vigorously.  


I can't get the table top to go on properly!  What am I doing wrong?  

There are a variety of potential issues.  If you are having trouble getting your table top to go on properly, we recommend using the following alternate instructions:
One leg at a time
If you are still having issues, feel free to email us at, or call our customer service agent at 877-765-7860.