Medium-Density Fiberboard

Our MDF is sourced from the Northwestern United States and Canada
from companies with sustainable forestry practices.

A Sustainable Material

Sprout Collection products are made from Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), a recomposed product made from wood scrap such as wood chips and sawdust which have previously been considered waste.  These chips are finely ground and recomposed with wax and binder, forming a very strong board.  This allows over 95% of the tree to be used.  Our material is produced in the Northwest where strict sustainable forestry practices such as replanting and re-vegetation as well as limits on cut size are mandated. 

CARB Compliant

All MDF that Sprout uses in its products is CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant.  CARB regulates the emissions of some chemicals in fiberboard such as MDF.  Current regulations require emissions of formaldehyde to be be less than 0.11 parts per million (less than 0.000011%).  All MDF used in Sprout products complies with or exceeds these standards and are manufactured in USA.

Melamine Facing

All Sprout products made from MDF are faced with melamine.  Melamine is a paper based product infused with resin which undergoes heat and pressure to fuse it to the MDF core. This creates a durable surface which is very cleanable.  It's so easy to clean, we've even been able to take off Sharpie!

Care Instructions

Clean sprout furniture using a mild cleaner.  Spray cleaner on the surface and wipe off immediately.  Sprout products are not intended for outdoor use.  The edges of Sprout furniture products are left unfinished so avoid contact with liquid.


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