Mounting your Cube Shelving to a wall.

The LAST thing you want is for a piece of furniture to fall over in your house. I grew up in Southern California and was close to the epicenter of the '93 northridge quake. . . needless to say everything in my home is anchored and I live in Utah now. Earthquakes aren't even a thing here, however, anchoring is just always worth the extra few minutes. 

Here are step by step instructions on how to quickly and easily make your house safer. 

Step #1, install the bracket to the shelving unit. Like so;

Use a screwdriver to finger-tighten the bolt to the nut on the other side. 

Step #2, mark the space on the wall where you'll be putting the anchor. 

If you are not going to be attaching the bracket to a stud, you'll need to put an anchor in to the drywall to make sure the screw doesn't just tear through the drywall. What? You don't know if there's a stud or not? Well, there's two ways to find out. If you are handy and happen to have a stud finder in the house, you can use that, or I always use the "knock, knock" method; just knock on the wall. If it sounds hollow, there's no stud, if it sounds solid there's probably a stud. 

If there's no stud, here's step #3, if there is just move on to step #4

Gently hammer the anchor into the wall. 

Step #4, attach the screw.

Step #5, pat yourself on the back and look at the good job you did!

If you have any other furniture in your home that isn't anchored to a wall, we highly suggest you anchor it down. Free standing flat screen tv's, dressers, bookshelves, hutches etc will all be safer if anchored. You can purchase extra anchoring kits here.