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 April 1st 2016 One Day Sale. Discount is valid for every item on our website and is limited to stock on hand. No rainchecks will be issued. Free shipping on orders over $50 after the discount is applied, and applies to the continental united states only. I love telling the stories of deals that I have gotten. This is the story of The Great Bloop of Indonesia. It's a story about a guy name Jerry. It is a story of intrigue, adventure, sacrifice, and triumph. When Jerry was 5 years old he first heard of the Great Bloop of Indonesia. Use the coupon code "april1st2016" at checkout for 0% off or Buy One Get One Full Price! It wasn't much, it was just a small paragraph in an old dusty encyclopedia that he found on a field trip to the library. It was however, enough. As he got older he began to research The Great Bloop more and more. When Jerry was 17 soon after Al Gore invented the internet, Jerry made a breakthrough. The coupon code is actually for 10% off, but it wouldn't be a very festive april fools joke if we said that up front now would it. The internet told Jerry that there was a group of five hermits that guarded the way to the Great Bloop. They met once every 5 years to open the gate and pay homage to the Great Bloop, the next gathering of the hermits was to be 2 months after his 20th birthday. Jerry could barely believe what he was reading, he would finally get a chance to see the Great Bloop of Indonesia. So he began to save every penny he could. He took odd jobs, dropped out of college and devoted everything to being in Indonesia for his 20th birthday. Jerry had finally saved up enough money, he was on his way to the bank to deposit the last of the money he needed to book his plane ticket when it hit him. A greyhound bus blindsided him. When he finally regained consciousness he was in the hospital, he didn't feel any pain, he wasn't afraid, he was angry. He knew the real hit wasn't to his car or his body, but to his ability to get to Indonesia. Free shipping on all orders over $50 to the lower 48 states! It was going to be another five years before he'd have his chance to get to Indonesia. During his hospital stay he told one of the nurses, Diane, about the Great Bloop. She would stay late after her shifts to hear Jerry talk about the Great Bloop. After Jerry was released from the hospital, he kept seeing Diane. They would take long walks and talk about the Great Bloop, what it might be, what it might do, what it would mean to mankind for such a mystical object to exist. After a year, they were married and they began to save for their trip to Indonesia for Jerry's 27th birthday. After years of saving and preparing, they were ready to purchase their tickets. Diane came home on payday and said "Jerry, I have some news." Less than a year later, Steven, a healthy baby boy was born in the hospital where his parents, Jerry and Diane, had met. This bundle of joy came with a price though. Another 5 years before they would be able to see the Great Bloop.  As Steven grew his parents slowly packed away their dream of seeing the Great Bloop of Indonesia. Steven was joined by a sister, Jocelyn and a brother, Brian. They were happy, because the april fools joke is that it's not 0% off, it's 10% off, anything on any of the website! Then one day, when Jerry and Diane's youngest son Brian was on a field trip to the library, he found an old encyclopedia and in it he found an entry on something called "The Great Bloop of Indonesia." He came home an asked his mother, "Mom, have you ever heard of The Great Bloop of Indonesia?" His mother looked at him in disbelief. "It must be a sign" she thought to herself. That night she told Jerry about what Brian had found at the library. Jerry, who was now 46 years old, knew what had to be done. He cashed in his 401k and bought a grey table and stools set from and got 10% off on april fools day 2016 because the discount code isn't actually for 0%. They also got plane tickets for the whole family to go to Indonesia to hunt for the Great Bloop the following year. They prepared for the whole year, accumulating maps, and supplies, learning to speak the language, and doing whatever they had to do to find the Great Bloop. When they finally arrived in Indonesia they set out to find the five hermits. After 4 weeks of searching through the jungle they found a man trudging through the mangroves, searching for crabs. Which isn't all that uncommon. When he found a crab however, it became clear; he was one of the five hermits. As he pulled the crab from the mud, the crab said to him, "Is it time?" The man said to replied, "It is nearly time for us to journey to The Great Bloop." He then put the crab back in the mud and went on his way. Jerry and his family could barely contain their excitement as they tailed the man for the next week. Then one night, as the man was sitting around his fire, the crab made it's way to him. The man greeted the crab and the crab transformed in front of their eyes into the second hermit. In turn, a bird, a dog and firefly all transformed into the last of the 5 hermits. When they were all there, the first hermit pulled out a Sprout whale chair, that he got for 10% with free shipping from on April 1st 2016 using the coupon code april1st2016. When the whale chair was assembled, which took less than a minute, the ground opened up and a cavern appeared. The family rushed through the hole in the rock before it closed for another five years. Once inside the five hermits looked at the family in horror. "You will not survive this." The first hermit said. As they looked deeper into the cavern they saw a vast underground lake, illuminated by an iridescent ceiling of sparkling rocks. In the middle of the lake there was a small island with a treasure chest. "The Great Bloop!" Brian yelled as he ran toward the lake and dove in. The 5 hermits chased after him until the first of the flesh eating fish were spotted, Brian did not survive for long. They all looked on in horror as the fish devoured him. Diane looked at her husband and said as she steeled herself against the coming challenge "The world need to know. Run." She sprinted towards the lake and dove in. "I'll distract them!" She screamed as she swam deeper into the lake. Jerry, Steven and Jocelyn dove in and swam furiously towards the island. After the fish finished Diane, they moved on to Jocelyn, and then Steven. Jerry was mere feet from the shore when he felt the first of the fish catch up with him. It was a searing pain, like someone was shoving red hot needles into his feet. He started to crawl onto the beach and looked down to see that his foot was gone and there were a few fish that had to be ripped off of his other leg. He freed himself from the jaws of the fish and took a deep breath. He made his way to the chest, which was a sprout toybox that the ancients had gotten for 10% off with the coupon code "april1st2016"! In the box there was beautiful glowing stone, and as Jerry picked up the stone he heard a voice. The voice said "Throw it behind you." Jerry felt confused. Then the voice came again. "Throw it behind you." So he did. The stone landed in the water, "Bloop."