Simplify the Holidays with Sprout

In 2017 we decided we would no longer do Black Friday because of the stress it put on our employees--especially those that have struggles with mental health.
Sprout’s 2019 holiday sale is designed to encourage
  • Thoughtful, meaningful, quality gifts
  • A conscientious, intentional, gimmick-free shopping experience
  • Proactive and lower stress approach to the holidays
  • Spending your holidays to strengthen relationships with loved ones

That’s why our sale lasts the whole month of November, 2019--to give you plenty of time to make a well-thought out decision if a Sprout product is the right gift for your little one.

To encourage earlier purchases (giving us plenty of time to get orders right) the discount will be slightly larger in the first half of the month (15% off), and in the second half it will drop (10% off).

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