From our users:

"The Rocker and Stool were unpacked and assembled in about 15 minutes. Both pieces were put to good use immediately by my three year old daughter. Both seem to me to be extremely good value."

-Faraaz Mizra, Director of Design, LEED® AP

"We tested out the little stool, and we loved it! It became a game between me and my two younger boys (6 and 3) that whenever I saw the stool fully intact, I would disassemble it and they would race to be the first to put it back together! It was snugged enough that my 3 year old could carry it around the house to show me that he put it back together! I love that it makes the boys a little more independent too."

-Amy,  Full-time Mom

"We really like the fact that you can collapse it down and store it easily."

-Marcy,  Full-time Mom

"The kids absolutely loved them.  They love that they can take them apart and then put them back together."

-Erica,  Adventure Time Preschool


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