Thank you for filling out our Pikler Query!

Thank you for sharing your insight! We are excited to review and incorporate your feedback- it is so valuable to us! While we are working on these new Pikler resources, check out some of the things we have to support the wonder of growth and childhood below.


As children explore their abilities and encounter different challenges, their confidence will grow. Through this exploration, they’ll learn to trust themselves and become more resilient. 



There are many essential skills that can be learned through creative exploration. One of the best ways to help them be successful is by preparing an environment with them in mind.


Home can be the best place to help children develop an understanding of themselves. You can start by offering resources that allow them to work independently from you- from self-care to carrying out a child's work (play!). 


At Sprout we believe that children, if given the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity, will generally develop at the pace and in the way right for them.

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