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Being a parent means change; changes you prepare for, changes you don’t see coming, changes to your whole world. And of course, a change to your home. No matter how you may try to fight it, with that sweet bundle of joy comes a new smattering of household needs. With limited space and a desire to cling to some sense of style, what’s a modern mom to do?

Imagine a home with sleek, clean lines in inviting designs and colors. Imagine not feeling embarrassed of your little Picasso’s work station or the chair your avid reader (or at least picture looker) has been curled up in all morning. Imagine storage looking clean and neat and organized. Imagine adult and child space coexisting together in a blend of simple elegance. Imagine modern kids furniture.

There is no question that kids add bring a new level of activity to a house, but we don't think that being a parent means sacrificing your style or taste. It is our belief that you’re looking for a way to save space, enhance the look of your home and provide your children with the very best, all while choosing functional, beautiful pieces that you and your kids will all love. You’re looking for modern kids furniture…and we have it.

So, while you work hard to keep those smiles bright, giggles going, tummies fed and imaginations encouraged, let Sprout pick up the rest and help your home become the place you’ve imagined your kids growing up in.

Just because your whole world has changed, doesn’t mean your style has to.


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